It’s common in the IT industry for companies to take care of problems you never knew you had, off-site, without notifying you. Their belief is that as long as they’re protecting your interests, you just need to pay them when you’re invoiced. That’s NOT how EPC conducts business. We want you to be involved in knowing what’s going on. When there’s a problem that urgently demands our attention, we’ll deal with it immediately, but we also take the time to communicate what happened… and why.

Two words come to mind that describe The EPC Care Experience:

Communication & Transparency

We want you to intimately grasp the value you’re receiving when you work with EPC and never, ever feel bad about honoring your invoices. In fact, we want you to feel excited about investing in our services, because your commitment with us is a symbol of the resolve you have to create a brand with REAL longevity.