I Know I Need New Computers or Server, but I Don’t Have Time to Research All the Options. Can you help?

Looking for High-End IT Solutions, but Not Sure About Brands or Pricing?

EPC IT Solutions has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, and our staff stays on top of emerging technologies. We’re able to advise on and provide you with the latest value-added hardware and software from the leading IT manufacturers across the globe.

Why EPC IT Solutions for Hardware and Software?

Value and experience! EPC IT Solution’s staff works with the software provided by industry giants like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, and others.

Why’s that important?

We have access to partner discounts and have the staff that can make these advanced technologies come alive within your business.

How Can EPC IT Solutions Help Me with My Hardware and Software Requirements?

  1. Hardware and Software Sourcing – Unless you work in the IT industry, it is completely normal for you not to know what to buy and what to stay away from. The EPC IT Solutions team will assess your business needs and recommend the most reliable and appropriate hardware and software.
  2. Management – With multiple hardware vendors and just as many if not more software vendors, it can get pretty hectic when it comes to updating and maintaining each piece of equipment and technology. EPC IT Solutions offers full IT management – allowing you to offload the responsibility of caring for your technology.
  3. Support – Our help desk technicians are always available to answer your day-to-day technology and application questions.