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Managed IT Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Managed IT Services in San Francisco Bay Area

EPC IT Solutions provides managed IT services and managed IT support for organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is Managed IT Services

What do you do when your business is incurring unforeseen IT costs and expenses, and dealing with the IT hassles taking your focus away from main business objectives?
For a business to run as efficiently, the company’s IT has to be aligned, managed, and monitored.
We know what you want.

  • A fully experienced staff of experts
  • Zero hassle in managing hardware/software
  • 24/7 support for the network and your employees
  • Data recovery, maintenance, security
  • Swift response on all technical issues

Break/fix just doesn’t work for a business that needs always-on access to their data and workflow.
Why? When a simple server goes down, making you default on your promises to clients, you don’t have time to find and wait for your computer repair guy.
You need someone whose job it is to keep everything running without interruption.
That’s Managed IT Services – continuous, comprehensive, and proactive IT management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring.

What Are the Advantages of Managed IT Services?

With Managed IT Services, you can offload all of the IT work and headaches to our industry professionals – leaving you to focus on your core business activities.
Following are some advantages of partnering with EPC IT Solutions for continuous business technology care.

  • Cost-Effective: The initial capital and ongoing salary investments required for an internal IT department are much more than most businesses can handle. For a fixed monthly fee, we will take full responsibility for all your IT needs.
  • Professionalism: Our business technology professionals will be working around the clock to make sure your systems are aligned with your organizational goals and functioning optimally.
  • Proactive Approach: We believe in preparing for every possible scenario. Each element of our IT strategy is geared toward avoiding the IT issues that could cause you downtime and lost revenue.

What is Included in a Managed IT Services Agreement with EPC IT Solutions?

  1. Helpdesk – Remote and on-premise troubleshooting because not all of your employees are as tech-savvy as you would like them to be and sometimes even the simplest of IT problems can throw a wrench in their productivity.
  2. Network – Whether you are plagued with slow internet speeds or frustrating downtime, EPC IT Solution’s experienced engineers can fix the issues and give you total control over your network’s functionality.
  3. Infrastructure – Find what your business is lacking and what it needs to optimize workflow and maintain a high-security posture.
  4. Monitoring – EPC IT Solutions provides an all-encompassing, real-time monitoring solution that not only provides full network transparency, but also alerts and updates automatically.
  5. Complete IT – EPC IT solutions has rolled out our complete IT solution – Complete IT Care. Including everything from software updates and connectivity to cloud options and expert support.

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