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Cybersecurity Solutions San Francisco Bay Area Businesses

EPC IT Solutions provides cybersecurity solutions and data protection solutions for businesses throughout the San Franciso Bay Area.

Are My Employees and Data Safe from Cyber Criminals?

What is the Difference Between a Cybersecurity Solution and a Cybersecurity Strategy?

When it comes to security, and specifically Cybersecurity there is no ‘one solution’ that works for everyone.
Like people, each business is inherently different and requires a tailored approach almost every time.
Cybersecurity isn’t the application of a firewall or antivirus software – it’s an ongoing war against the bad guys to keep your business as secure as possible.
Because new kinds of viruses and hacks are made every other day, and their only purpose is to break through your firewalls and steal your precious data.
That’s why a cybersecurity strategy requires continual improvement and adjustment by IT security professionals.
EPC IT Solution’s team of certified cybersecurity technicians have amassed experience from serving clients across multiple industries over many years. We know what it takes to give our clients a secure working environment that meets all industry and legal regulations.

Why Should I work with EPC IT Solutions?

  • We’re local, and we care about local businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. – We don’t outsource to offshore call centers.
  • We provide access to our industry professionals. They have years of experience under their belts, working with clients across a spectrum of industries.
  • We’ll give you peace of mind by maintaining all Compliance and Regulation standards.
  • We won’t spring high break/fix bills on you. Instead, we’ll provide you with all the IT Security management, maintenance, and monitoring you need in return for an easily-budgeted, monthly subscription payment.
  • We’ll train your employees. Your staff needs to know how to avoid phishing and social engineering ploys. We’ll give them the tools they need to keep from being the weak link in the chain.

What Are EPC IT Solutions’ Cybersecurity Offerings and How Do They Help My Business Secure Data and Workflow?

  1. Cybersecurity Testing & Consulting – You can work without worry – knowing that our team of experts will always keep your business ahead of the cybersecurity curve by helping you find and eliminate all threats.
  2. Security-as-a-Service – With the help of the cloud, EPC IT Solutions provides a robust and secure solution that combines several different cybersecurity functions in one bundle. By monitoring and analyzing data in real time, any threats to the system can be dealt with as soon as they are detected and eliminated before they are able to do any actual harm.

This is made possible by advanced system assessments, intrusion detection protocols, and other IT Security management systems.

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