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Automotive IT Services

Searching for a new IT company for your car dealership in California? EPC IT Solutions is the top IT company for car dealerships and automotive groups.

IT Support & IT Services For Automotive Dealerships

Technology has altered just about every aspect of the automotive sales industry, from the computer systems your sales staff use to the vehicles themselves. Let us show you how you can have reliable IT support for your automotive dealerships in the Bay Area.

Does Your IT Provider Have Automotive IT Experience?

The automotive sales industry is rather unique. Most dealerships offer much more than just sales, handling distribution, marketing, and onsite maintenance and repairs. This means having a team of salespeople and administrative personnel, someone looking after marketing and social media, several automotive technicians, and a detailer or two on staff. Each department has it’s own specific software and hardware needs, and all of these various components need to fit seamlessly into your IT infrastructure.

And if you own multiple dealerships throughout the Bay Area? The technology challenges you face multiply as well.

With so many moving parts in play and industry compliance regulations to meet, keeping your IT in check and functioning as smoothly and efficiently as possible is not a simple task. Especially if your IT provider isn’t familiar with your software, your regulations, and the way your dealership or dealerships operate.

And as someone who specializes in automotive, you know better than anyone the value of preventative maintenance. It’s why you instruct customers to come back for scheduled oil changes and routine maintenance after a certain number of miles. Keeping a vehicle’s components in good shape and replacing things like brake pads and tires when they start to wear out prolongs the life of the vehicle and reduces the need for costly repairs down the road.

Managed IT services take that same approach to your technology. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance keep your IT running at peak performance.

You Hire Your Automotive Technicians For Their Certifications and Experience

Why Should Your IT Technicians Be Any Different?

You expect your automotive technicians to have a certain level of knowledge, skill, and hands-on experience because without those things, allowing them to work on a customer’s vehicle is risky and potentially dangerous. There are some things you just don’t want them learning on the job. The same goes for your IT support. Technicians who understand the components of your industry-specific technology are better equipped to pop the hood and troubleshoot a problem than technicians who are only familiar with certain parts.

This is the Automotive Managed IT advantage.

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