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IT Project Management

IT Project Management and Professional Services for Bay Area Businesses

EPC IT Solutions provides IT project management and professional IT services for large and small companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who Does IT Projects to Support Internal IT Teams?

My Internal IT Team Doesn’t Have the Time, Resources, or Expertise to Tackle The Next Pro-Growth Project. – Who Does IT Projects in the Bay Area?

Is your team burdened with routine IT tasks that they don’t have time for long-term, pro-growth business projects? Do you need an extra set of hands to help drive strategic objectives? EPC IT Solutions is here to help.
Our Professional Services team specializes in supplementing internal IT teams and guiding projects to on-time, on-budget completion. Whether it’s design, planning, execution, monitoring, or management of IT projects, our team of experts will walk with you every step of the way.
Let’s face it.
IT projects are complex. Rapidly changing technologies coupled with dwindling resources and overstretched personnel makes it difficult for businesses to keep up. We’re here to help.
Professional project management solutions offer a cost-effective and scalable alternative that allows organizations to tap into our outside expertise and resources to achieve the scale needed to tackle complex projects. Our services alleviate the burden on your team and augment your internal capacity to drive strategic objectives. This approach helps you achieve, among other things:

  • Faster project development and execution timelines on complicated projects
  • Seamless collaboration with geographically diverse offices and remote based teams
  • A diverse expertise base you can tap into from a dedicated group of IT professionals
  • Room for your IT team to focus on long-term objectives
  • Scalability, with the ability to use only the resources or expertise you require when you need it

What Can Be Included in a Professional Services / IT Project Management Engagement?

  • Overseeing the planning, execution and rollout of complex software development projects
  • Firmware upgrades and software integration
  • Website construction and database storage and management
  • Project scope management including quality management, risk mitigation and human resources management
  • Hardware installations encompassing computers, servers network devices as well as security upgrades
  • Cloud and virtual computing planning, rollout, integration and management
  • Business analytics and data management

Our IT project management solutions guarantee a hassle-free setup experience, with our team of engineers giving the necessary support to your in-house team when you need the extra resources for large projects or rollouts.

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