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Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic IT Consulting

EPC IT Solutions provides strategic IT consulting and technology management for large and small corporations across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Strategic IT & Technology Consulting: San Francisco Bay Area

I’ve Got Big Decisions to Make. Who Do I Turn to for Executive-Level IT Advice?

The complexities of business and technology are growing faster and faster, and business leaders (like you) find themselves overwhelmed before they know it.
We know you don’t want to spend any more time than necessary in figuring out IT budgets and assessing technology capabilities. You know that IT isn’t your field. You just want someone to give you the info you need for executive decision making.
That’s where the IT consultants of EPC IT Solutions step into the picture.
Our IT consultants will help you develop IT-reliant business strategies that will work today and tomorrow – preventing unnecessary headaches along the way.

I’ve Got Questions that My In-House IT Department Can’t Answer. Who Offers C-Suite IT Consulting – a Virtual Chief Information Officer?

  • Is my business internet fast enough?
  • Are my files and devices secure?
  • Do I have a disaster recovery plan?
  • Is my IT infrastructure the best fit for my business?

We’ll dig into your IT environment and get you direct answers to your specific questions – providing you with the information you need for pro-growth organizational decisions.

What Are Some of the Areas in which our IT Consulting Specialists Help Bay Area Companies?

  • Advanced connectivity and remote capabilities
  • Cloud software, backups, and connections
  • Software installation, updating, and configuring
  • Hardware selection guidance, purchasing, and installation
  • Communications installation and training for you and your employees
  • Cybersecurity to prevent issues and log any potential intrusion attempts for updated security
  • Business organization and infrastructure to cover file management across all your locations
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance standards
  • Tech support for any issues that may arise

I Have IT Employees. – Can You Work With Them?

Already have your own in-house or external IT teams, but you’re looking to ramp up an aspect of your operations quickly and need some expertise on your side?
No problem!
We love working with internal IT organizations.
We’ll leave your IT environment in better shape than we found it, and will do our best to make your internal IT team look like the superstars they are. We don’t need the credit. We just want to get the job done for you.

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