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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

EPC IT Solutions provides business continuity and disaster recovery services for businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Providing Security and Assurance – IT Strategies for Business Continuity

How Do I Keep Things Running if a Storm or Power Surge Knocks Out My Computer Systems?

It starts with a thought: What’s the worst that could happen?

Of course, no one wants a disaster to occur, but unfortunately, they do. Without good planning what could have been a simple setback can quickly turn into an unrecoverable occurrence. Thankfully, the services that EPC IT provides can make sure that a local fire, flood, storm, or criminal act doesn’t take down both your IT infrastructure and your business.

What’s the Solution to In-House IT Access Loss? How do we keep working?

EPC Disaster Recovery is an all-in-one replication and recovery solution that is designed to fit your business. Simple, scalable, and future-proof, once you’re under the care of EPC Disaster Recovery, you’ll know that your IT infrastructure is resilient against all disasters. Even as your company grows, the systematic backup and cloud availability of your workflow grows with you. Because our business continuity offering is ongoing and comprehensive, we can spin up your IT systems within a virtual cloud environment in a very short timeframe if required.

Do You Have a Business Continuity Plan that Will Work for My Business?

Our Standard and Premium plans offer different options to fit your exact needs.

With our Premium Disaster Recovery, you’re guaranteed:

  • Automated Disaster Recovery services and customized scripting for pre-recovery, to take backups of every detail of your technology and databases, and post-recovery, to ensure that your data and systems are how you left them
  • Data restoration before corruption or deletion
  • Always-on, always-running, hard drive replication to copy even the smallest changes in your files the instant that changes are made
  • Standardized backups scalable to thousands of machines and devices to ensure that the entirety of your business is recoverable
  • Restoration and downloads of your data available to you from any location at any time

Our Premium Plan ensures zero performance degradation of your transactions, applications, and databases - allowing you to recover instantly to the most recent place you left off, or in the past with our Point-in-Time file recovery. We even guarantee that we can migrate your workloads over to a remote data center to provide the flexibility needed to keep your systems up no matter what.

Our Standard Plan is great for providing the best highlights when it comes to security and uptime.

  • Simple failover and recovery simulation with quick execution and no disruption to your production
  • Full and partial data and device restoration
  • Off-site disaster recovery options for remote access from anywhere in the event of a disaster
  • Virtual machine back-up and recovery to ensure that communication between your VMs and any physical location remain up and secure

Need More Information?

Reach out and we’d be glad to put together a recovery plan that fits your company with precision and security. Disasters are hard enough to manage. Don’t let the future of your business be at risk.

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