Is an On-Site Hard Drive Backup Enough to Save and Archive My Data?

What is a Redundant Data Backup Strategy?

California has been hit by disasters in the past, and we can be sure that Mother Nature isn’t finished with us. Earthquakes, fires, or even something smaller like a flooded building. If you’ve lived in California long enough, you’ve probably seen or experienced it all.

The one thing that doesn’t change is the business technology downtime that occurs whenever something like this happens.

Let’s face it.

The problem doesn’t have to be huge to shut down your systems and limit your access to y our data. It can be an issue as simple as a computer virus, vandalism, or a power surge.

Why Should I Consider Cloud Data Backup Redundancy?

  • Critical operations can be restored more quickly.
  • All data can be accessed from any device with proper authentication.
  • Having an offsite backup is good business.
  • Compliance with regulation and legislation is easier.

What Cloud Options Does EPC IT Solutions Provide That Will Help Me Secure, Archive, and Restore My Data?

  • Public Cloud Solutions – Renting space from the large data centers of major IT solutions providers.

    • Virtual Data Center
    • Low Latency Solutions
    • AWS/Azure Integrations
  • Hosted Email – Securing and providing remote access to your email

    • Office 365
    • Hosted Exchange
  • Private Cloud – Housing our data and hosted applications on your own cloud or in our private data center.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Leveraging both in-house cloud setup along with public cloud options for a well-rounded cloud strategy