Is My In-House Hardware Capable of Supporting My Company’s Growth Objectives? What Should I Know About Switching to Cloud Services?

I’m Thinking About Satellite Offices and Provisioning Remote Employees. How do Cloud Services Figure In My Plans?

Cloud technology is changing how we do business, and expanding the geographic limits of business operations.

Overcoming the limitations of old, outdated, and inefficient IT systems is one of the reasons that businesses are adopting cloud infrastructure strategies – resulting in agile businesses ready for the future.

The answer to your question is, “Yes.”

Cloud strategies can be leveraged to help you provision work-from-home employees and set up satellite or mobile office scenarios.

EPC IT Cloud Solutions help you leverage the immense power of the cloud to control your operations and transform how you conduct business.

Is Your Business Hampered by Antiquated IT Systems That Don’t Scale?

Are you tired of constant downtimes and loss in productivity caused by old hardware or buggy software systems?

It’s time for a change.

Savvy businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud to gain a competitive edge.

  • Scalability
  • Flexiblity
  • Data Security
  • Cost-Efficiency

EPC IT Solutions delivers tailored cloud services that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure to give you a robust and scalable computing environment. We are a Bay Area leader in securely virtualizing all your critical data in the cloud – opening up the ability to work from anyplace, anytime. We literally make the world your office!

Why Are Businesses Moving to Cloud Services from EPC IT Solutions?

  • Cost efficiencies: Moving to the cloud eliminates the need for capital intensive investment in expensive hardware or software systems
  • Reliability: Minimize downtime and boost workforce productivity with 99.99% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 connectivity from any device
  • Scalability & Flexibility: Utilize only the IT resources you need, where you most need them to grow your business
  • Security: Better security standards and compliance through proactive cloud management and use of cutting-edge threat mitigation strategies
  • Fortified Business Continuity: Virtual systems are immune to disasters that could knock out your physical systems in an instant thus guaranteeing the safety of your data, applications, and servers against any localized catastrophes.

What Cloud Services Are Available from the Cloud Implementation and Management Team of EPC IT Solutions?

We’ve designed cloud solutions that are affordable, scalable, robust, and fully managed.

  • Server Hosting – Providing remote access to server resources (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.) to power your business applications and store data without the need to buy, configure, and maintain the server hardware.
  • Hosted Email/Exchange – Robust email platform management including shared calendar and contacts, Microsoft exchange servers etc., giving you seamless collaboration and communication.
  • Remote Backup – Regular backups and restoration of critical data to offsite locations or the cloud giving you access where and when you need it
  • Network Monitoring – Proactive monitoring of network devices to minimize lags and boost security
  • Managed Workstation – Assistance and troubleshooting of typical user problems on Windows, Unix and Mac OS computers including Anti-virus installation, OS updates, security updates etc.
  • Domain & Web Hosting – Providing and managing dedicated servers and associated hardware to host files, websites etc
  • Sharepoint – Installation, configuration and management of SharePoint systems for document storage giving seamless collaboration within the organization
  • Anti-Spam – Installation and management of anti-spam and anti-malware software for better IT infrastructure and data security
  • Web URL Filtering & Security – Instituting policies to filter web traffic and harden security systems

Contact us today and let us show you how you can get a competitive edge by leveraging cloud technologies.