What are the Benefits of Hiring Bay Area Certified IT Professionals?

It’s crucial for small and mid-size business to allocate their IT budget wisely. Getting support from the right IT service provider can make a huge difference in your workflow and can result in business benefits.

Here are some of the areas the certified IT professionals from EPC IT Solutions can assist you with:

  • Improved efficiency: You want your IT problems solved fast. A recent survey, which explored the value of IT certifications, found that professionals with a certification were 90% more productive and 60% more efficient compared to those without a certification.
  • Reduced risk: Certifications are indicative of the expertise and knowledge of a professional. IT professionals with the right skills and experience can identify potential problems and risks better and provide appropriate solutions and mitigation actions.
  • Reduced cost: One of the big challenges of IT services providers is high staff rotation. It’s expensive to hire and retain talent. Statistics show that employees with certifications tend to stay with organizations longer. If your IT service provider can keep its staff rotation low, it means they can provide you with rates that are more competitive along with a more experienced staff.

What are Some of our Professional Certifications?

The team of professionals at EPC IT Solutions have some of the most relevant certifications in the IT sector. Here are just some of our team’s existing certifications:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP): This certification covers a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies and solutions. The MCP certification validates professional technical expertise through a set of rigorous and industry-recognized exams. In order to achieve this certification, professionals must demonstrate hands-on experience with Microsoft solutions.
  • CompTIA Network+: This certification recognizes the knowledge and skills of the IT professional to design, implement, support and to troubleshoot functional networks. This is the certification you should ask for when looking for an IT service provider to help you with your networking needs.
  • CompTIA A+: This certification is a vendor-neutral certification which certifies the competencies of an IT professional to install, maintain, and operate PCs. The major hardware and software vendors, distributors, and resellers back up this program. This is the certification you need to check on when hiring computer repair professionals.
  • ITIL: Originally released as a set of books, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices to provide and manage IT Services. ITIL was designed to standardize the procedures for good IT management, helping businesses to avoid the most common pitfalls and deliver the best quality services possible. This is the certification that a team providing you with managed IT services should have.

EPC IT Solutions has a great team of IT professionals ready to help you get the best out of your IT investments.