Could an IT Consultant Help Us Use Technology to Improve Our Bottom Line?

Why Are My Competitors Turning to Outsourced IT Support?

Do you have the IT support you need to help you reach your organizational goals?

EPC IT Solutions understands the intricacies involved in the food distribution business. We’ve taken the time to learn the technology involved in the flow of food products from the farm to the moment the customer’s payment is processed at the grocery store.

Why are your competitors turning to IT support organizations like EPC IT Solutions to outsource their IT work?

Because technology keeps getting more complex and the food industry as a whole is adopting technology at an astonishing rate.

All your IT has to be managed.

  • Front office technology
  • Consumer-facing technology
  • Trucking and shipment tracking
  • Warehousing and inventory
  • Distribution chain management

Can EPC IT Solutions Help with Real-World Challenges in Food Distribution and Sales?

  • Automatic time clock in that syncs with payroll through mobile applications
  • Technology to help reduce driver frustration and help you retain good drivers
  • Load tracking software support integration with other software
  • Secure “Bring Your Own Device” and fleet communications
  • Support and integration of inventory tracking software
  • Network and Wifi security
  • Support for POS systems
  • FINRA compliance expertise
  • Enhanced driver communications
  • Load tracking software solutions
  • Product loss tracking

What Kind of Problems will EPC IT Solutions Solve for Your Supermarket or Food Distribution Business?

  • Portability Struggles –Providing your operations with inventory, ERP, and fleet management software optimized for efficiency and mobility
  • Functionality Struggles – Equipping you with the software and hardware assets with the tools you need to get the right load on the right trucks to the right destination and right on time, every time
  • Flexibility Struggles – Giving you a user-friendly system in the store and in the warehouse – allowing for easy scalability

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost?

If you’re like most food distribution operators, you run on a narrow margin, and the cost of outsourced IT support is of serious concern to you. In fact, you may have dismissed the entire idea as an unaffordable luxury.

EPC IT Solutions offers you comprehensive IT care at affordable, flat-rate monthly pricing. All the IT support you need is available to you within a subscription service model.