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Create a Strategic Plan for Technology for Superior Business Growth

Learn how creating an IT strategic plan for your company leads to improved operations, more productivity, reduced operational costs and better business outcomes.

Developing an IT Strategic Plan Drives Innovation and Cost Savings

Learn how creating an IT strategic plan for your company leads to improved operations, more productivity, reduced operational costs and better business outcomes.

You need an IT strategy for your company. It's a necessary component of any successful business plan today.

Your IT strategic plan lets you anticipate, budget for and plan for emerging technologies and how they can help your company's strategic objectives. An IT strategic plan gives your company advantages at each level of the organization.

Yet, for many companies, it's unclear how to put together an IT strategic plan. Here's a closet look at why and how such a plan is pivotal.

Why Is an IT Strategic Plan Important?

Here are a few of the main reasons you want to create an IT strategic plan for your business:

  • Competitive Advantage. An IT strategic plan gives your business a competitive advantage by leveraging new technologies designed to advance operations, communications, output and customer experiences
  • Cost Planning. An IT strategic plan lets you plan and predict costs for technology, anticipating financial needs and budgeting accordingly
  • Resource Optimization. You invest a lot in your business technology. Strategic planning lets you get the most out of that investment, ensuring that technologies are integrated, staff resources are deployed correctly and processes are optimized
  • Improved Collaboration and Morale. Better technologies that are working together effectively help employees work smarter, better able to use and share data, leading to improved business outcomes

What Are the Steps to Take in Creating an IT Strategic Plan?

Successful IT strategic plans look at technology within the broader strategic framework. It should be developed along with broader business strategies and goals, drawing input from all departments and advisors. Here are six steps to take when working on your IT strategic plan:

  1. Pre-Planning. Develop an assessment of what factors are likely to impact your business over the next 12 months
  2. Consultation. Seek input from leadership, external advisors, department heads and middle managers about what is facing your business and what processes and operations need to be improved
  3. Incorporate Knowledge. Apply existing business knowledge to the development of the IT strategic plan
  4. Access Expertise. Consult with IT experts at a managed IT services provider who can help frame and refine your plan
  5. Document. Track the plan itself and any supporting information, including plans not pursued, expressed needs and reasons that decisions were made
  6. Review and Track. Every 12 months, you should reevaluate the entire plan, while doing 3- and 6-month check-ins to monitor progress

Where Do We Turn for IT Strategic Planning?

At EPC IT Solutions, we work with customers on IT strategy development and managed IT solutions that help transform businesses. We help Bay Area companies answer a range of IT strategy questions, including:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Data security and compliance
  • Business internet speed and configuration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Communications optimization
  • Hardware and software selection, installation, optimization and configuration
  • Remote connectivity and security
  • Cloud solutions
  • Automated security solutions, including monitoring and software
  • Staff training

Learn more about how EPC IT Solutions can help your business develop an IT strategic plan that propels your company forward by contacting us today.

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