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Is It Time To Assess Your School’s Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities?

Technology has done a lot to change and improve the educational setting - but at the same time, the more technology is integrated, the greater cybersecurity risks become. Do you know what vulnerabilities you need to address?

Assessing Your School’s Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Like any sector, the education industry must be aware of and protect against cybercrime threats. As technology continues to be further integrated into the classroom and administrative aspects of learning institutions, it becomes even more important to enhance cybersecurity and look for potential vulnerabilities.

Are you doing what’s needed to protect your school?

Bay Area School After Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity Is About What You Know

Without the right cybersecurity solutions in place, you may not have to worry about cybercriminals - your students could do plenty of damage by using one of your school's computers.

A teenage hacker recently discovered major cybersecurity vulnerabilities in his high school’s network when he went poking around. The student, Bill Demirkapi, found that popular education sector software sold by Blackboard left millions of students’ records easily accessible and unprotected.

Furthermore, did you know that 500 schools were hit by ransomware in 2019? In fact, 100 of those incidents took place in just a single month. If you operate in the education sector, then you need to be aware of threats like this - both internal and external.

Cybersecurity Is About What You Know

You can’t afford to assume that your cybersecurity measures and practices are keeping you safe. You need to know for sure.

The best way to do so? Have EPC IT Solutions assess your cybersecurity for you. As a part of our Vulnerability Assessment services, we will take an unbiased look at your systems to determine where they may be vulnerable to external threats.

The key objective of this assessment is to find any vulnerabilities that can compromise the overall security, privacy, and operations of the network.

What Does A Vulnerability Assessment Include?

EPC IT Solutions will comprehensively test and evaluate your IT network to provide you with a clear roadmap to leading-edge cybersecurity protocols. The assessment takes the following into consideration:

  • Security Measures: Our assessment will determine the strength of your current passwords, the validity of any firewalls in place, and any implementations of control lists that determine what users have access to sensitive information.By ensuring these security standards are properly configured and up-to-date, your system will be that much more difficult to compromise.
  • Reliable Failsafes: Despite best efforts, even the strongest security measures can be overcome, whether it's a data breach or an unexpected emergency on your premises.The EPC IT Solutions team will verify that you have regular backups kept at on- and off-site locations that can be relied upon in the case of any disaster.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance: If your security measures are not updated regularly they can become ineffective quickly. In the course of our assessment, we make sure that your security settings meet industry standards, that maintenance programming is configured to operate automatically, and that any past employees have been removed from the system (a dangerous error that is often overlooked).

What Happens After The Assessment?

After completing our comprehensive assessment, we review every detail of our findings with you to facilitate the process of improving your IT security. Once the results are compiled, we can help you understand where your systems are most vulnerable, and what we would recommend to address those gaps in your cybersecurity.

Do yourself a favor and invest in your data’s security – consider a Vulnerability Assessment to find out what you don’t know about your cybersecurity.

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