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Ransomware Removal in San Jose, CA

Discover why hackers increasingly target San Jose business systems with ransomware attacks and steps that prevent your company from being held hostage.

Business Technology Hijacking Perilous for Companies

Discover why hackers increasingly target San Jose business systems with ransomware attacks and steps that prevent your company from being held hostage  

Ransomware Removal

Ransomware Removal In San Jose

Ransomware is a chilling reality for companies throughout San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Sophisticated computer hackers use an arsenal of attack vectors in seemingly never-ending assaults on corporate networks and websites. The consequences for businesses that do not protect their technology can be financially devastating.

The Impact of Ransomware

In a ransomware attack, hackers gain access to critical systems, often via an unsuspecting employee who clicks on an email attachment or link. Those actions trigger a software program to be embedded within the user's computer and, eventually, in the company's network.

Once activated, ransomware wreaks havoc in multiple ways. In some cases, data is taken and encrypted. In other cases, websites are inaccessible, replaced by a virtual ransom note.

In return for access and/or the captured data, hackers demand payment, usually in the form of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. If the ransom is not paid, data may be corrupted, sold or made public. If unpaid, website access is not relinquished.

In most cases, the attacks come with some urgency -- a deadline that must be met. In many cases, that means companies choose to pay the ransom to resolve the issue with as little loss of operations ... and customers ... as possible.

Ransomware is problematic for many reasons. In some cases, the hijacked data or systems are not returned even after payment is made. If you're attacked and pay the ransom, your business can become known to hackers as susceptible and willing.

What Is the Impact of Ransomware on U.S. Businesses?

Ransomware attacks are not new. However, the growing number of attacks on small businesses is at a crucial juncture. Consider the following:

  • Malwarebytes reported a 365 percent increase in business detections of ransomware from the second quarter of 2018 to the same period in 2019
  • 53 percent of all worldwide ransomware attacks are in the United States, according to the same report
  • California, along with Texas and New York, is one of the top 3 states for ransomware attacks
  • Ransomware attacks on businesses are poised to eclipse consumer attacks for the first time in 2019, based on Malwarebytes midyear projections
  • Municipalities are increasingly a target for attacks

"Cybercriminals are searching for higher returns on their investment, and they can reap serious benefits from ransoming organizations over individuals, who might yield, at best, a few personal files that could be used for extortion or identity theft," noted the Malwarebytes report. "Encrypting sensitive proprietary data on any number of endpoints allows cybercriminals to put forth much larger ransom demands while gaining an exponentially higher chance of getting paid."

How Can Businesses Prevent Ransomware Attacks

At EPC IT Solutions, we specialize in prevention and ransomware removal in San JoseCA. Our services begin with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify areas of exposure and recommend solutions. Other services include:

  • Employee awareness and training to help your workers identify suspect email and use caution when clicking on attachments and links
  • Cloud data backup solutions
  • Automated anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti-spam software and content filters
  • Policy development for password management, access, mobile device management and encryption
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning to reduce downtime and impact of an outage due to natural disaster, cyberattack or infrastructure issue
  • Next-generation firewalls to protect system perimeters, issue alerts and contain unwanted access

Learn more about how EPC IT Solutions can protect your San Jose business from ransomware attacks by contacting us today.

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