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Ransomware Protection in San Francisco Begins With Right IT Firm

Learn how common ransomware attacks are today and how easily your computers can become infected, what the costs are and how the right IT partner matters

A Spotlight on Ransomware Security A Revealing Guide to Protecting Your Business Technology

Learn how common ransomware attacks are today and how easily your computers can become infected, what the costs are and how the right IT partner matters.

Ransomware Protection Services For San Francisco Bay Area Organizations

Ransomware is a growing threat for companies of all sizes. How can businesses protect themselves from the increasing risk? By partnering with the right managed services company, your business can remain safe, without incurring the sizable damages that besiege those that fall victim to these attacks.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware -- a software program that once implanted inside a computer system gives control of a system or website to a hacker. When a business is attacked using ransomware, they lose access to their systems and all the data contained therein.

Usually, hackers that deploy ransomware attacks demand payment, often in the form of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, to release control of the affected systems or websites.

Ransomware attacks became highly visible in 2017 when WannaCry and NotPety crippled thousands of machines and systems worldwide. While other attack types soon thereafter became more popular, there is still an abundance of ransomware attacks across the globe.

According to the McAfee Labs Threats Report for August 2019, there was a 118 percent increase in ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2019 alone.

How Does Ransomware Infect Systems?

The most common way for malware to infect your company's systems is through seemingly innocent emails that get opened by an employee or another user. The email may contain a link or attachment that, when downloaded, installs the malware on the unsuspecting users' computer. Once installed, the malware can connect to your company's system.

Another popular technique is to use malvertising -- that uses online ads to infect machines, often with no need for installation. This new form of malware is even more insidious, as it can be embedded on seemingly legit websites and be installed with no user interaction at all.

Here's a look at three common forms of ransomware:

  • Scareware. These attacks often take the form of a pop-up message that is seemingly from a security company alerting you to a potential problem on your computer. The only way to get rid of these malicious programs, the pop-ups claim, is to pay up. The reality is that no legitimate security company operates that way.
  • Screen lockers. When this type of ransomware takes hold, you cannot do anything on your locked computer screen. When you boot up, you may get a full-sized window claiming to be from the Department of Justice or FBI. The message alleges that there is illegal activity on the computer and that you must pay a fine to solve the situation.
  • Encryption. This is the most insidious type of ransomware. These attacks target your files and encrypt them, making them impossible to access. Hackers demand large payments to free the data from their control.

How Can I Protect My Company from Ransomware?

For ransomware protection in San Francisco, businesses can partner with an experienced managed services provider like EPC IT solutions. Our talented teams can make sure your data stays safe with solutions that include:

  • Data security policies including password management, access strategy, mobile device management and data encryption.
  • Automated anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti-spam programs and content filters.
  • Data backup solutions
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Employee awareness and training that helps your workers identify and report suspected phishing emails

Contact us to learn more about how EPC can protect your company from becoming a victim of a ransomware attack.

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