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How Can Information Technology Help Me Achieve Corporate Initiatives?

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Information Technology Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Every business nowadays knows that technology is important. After all, the average company can’t function without access to the internet, email, phone systems, and other important applications. But can technology actually help you achieve corporate initiatives? Or is it simply a necessary evil? Business executives all around the world are familiar with defending their investments and proving a return on those investments. Here’s the thing… When done properly, technology can absolutely help you achieve corporate initiatives.

Information Technology

In fact, virtually every piece of your information technology infrastructure directly supports a money-making endeavor, or at the very least, plays an important role in that endeavor. This means if your technology isn’t under control and properly managed, that money-making endeavor comes to a grinding halt.

What Are My Options for Managing My Information Technology?

You depend on your technology to get you through the workday - from communicating with customers to processing product and/or service sales to managing inventory and everything in between. Here are a few options that will help you leverage technology in a way that actually contributes to achieving corporate initiatives:

Managed IT Services

The complete package, managed IT services puts your hardware and software in the hands of certified professionals who offer it all. A managed IT system takes all the stress away from you and lets you focus on your business.

  • Faster internet speeds
  • Network security and protection
  • Backups, restoration, and disaster recovery
  • Installation & configuration of everything from hardware to software and new users
  • Anti-virus and intrusion protection
  • User training
  • 24/7 Support

Managed IT Services is the one-stop-shop to removing stress when it comes to your business technology. How so? All of the pieces listed above work together to keep your infrastructure running seamlessly without downtime or issues that result in disruption.

Hardware and Software

Trying to source the right hardware or software for your business but don’t know where to turn? A quick online search will likely give you more options than what you can efficiently sort through, without a definite answer. EPC IT Solutions provides neutral evaluations of software and hardware solutions – giving you unbiased answers in your quest for the perfect hardware or software purchase. We make sure you’re choosing products that:

  • Offer the features and functionality you need
  • Are available at a reasonable price point according to your budget
  • Coordinate well with the rest of your environment to avoid configuration issues

Help Desk

Downtime is rough for everyone and sometimes you just need to have someone who specializes in IT to be on call. A help desk is an option that allows you and your employees to contact a live line for help with a wide variety of problems, as well as check out a maintained knowledge base of common issues to get things resolved quickly. Over the phone, by email or live chat, or even remotely accessing devices, our help desk gets everything up and running again once you’ve run into an issue.

Strategic IT Consulting

Technology does a lot more than simply play a supporting role in your business. In fact, technology can help automate routine tasks, minimize the risk of error, and overall, help you operate more efficiently - leading to greater profitability day after day. Our strategic IT consulting specialists give you executive-level advice on everything from IT budgeting to whether your current IT assets will support your pro-growth agenda.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies have took off because it really offers a competitive advantage to many businesses. The days of needing your own servers on-site are gone. Now, with remote offerings including things like backup and secure connections, it’s hard to find a downside to the cloud technologies that are offered for infrastructure, software, and data. You pay a predictable fee each month for what you use while we handle the monitoring, maintenance, and support of that equipment.

IT Project Management

Got a big one-off project or upgrade you’re looking to complete? Bring in the experts ahead of time (rather than footing the bill twice) so that your business gets it right from the start. IT project management offers a great way to keep a project on task and everyone involved accountable for their work, as well as the dates and expectations.

So what are your corporate initiatives? Whether you’re looking to reduce technology expenditures or help your staff maintain work-life balance or something else altogether, an option or combination of options listed above will be able to help you get there. Let’s talk about what’s right for you.

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