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Improving Productivity & User Experience: IT Is About More Than Just Technology

The right IT solutions offer significant increases in productivity. Find out how IT can improve your employee's experience and make for happier teams.

Improving Productivity: IT Is About More Than Just Technology

The right IT solutions offer significant increases in productivity. Find out how IT can improve your employee's experience and make for happier teams.  

When you think about IT, you probably think hardware first. It's more than that, however. The right IT solutions offer significant increases in productivity through a better experience for your employees.

Improving IT Productivity

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Every employer wants an engaged workforce, but few achieve it. A recent Gallup poll touted a rise in employee engagement. It’s at the highest level in years! That sounds great until you read further and realize that just 34% of U.S. employees report being enthusiastic and committed to their workplace. 16.5% are actively disengaged. The remaining majority feel it’s OK to give the minimum effort required.

Any way you look at that, it’s not good. Engagement is the key to productivity. Organizations, where employees feel valued and connected, are 20 to 25 percent more productive. The companies that live engagement show significantly improved results when it comes to the bottom line. Companies in the top 25% percentile when it comes to the employee experience produce almost three times the return on assets and twice the return when it comes to sales compared to low-scoring companies.

Where IT Impacts Productivity

IT plays more of a role in employee attitudes and engagement than you might think at first glance. Just look at this list of common employee complaints about their workplace:

  • Lack of up-to-date technology
  • Lack of the right technology to do the job
  • Slow computers
  • Difficulty in getting things fixed when they break
  • Difficulty getting help with problems
  • Having to use personal devices for company work

A recent study of workers revealed that more than half (51%) expressed frustration with their employers because of tech issues, including many of the items cited above. Workers want the ability to have the best available tools to do their jobs. Having to stop down when there are issues, wait for slow computers, or jump through hoops to take care of business hinders how employees work.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work movement has only aggravated the situation. Some employees find it easier to use their personal laptops, smartphone, or tablet to work rather than company-issued equipment. They may own better – and faster – tech than what the company makes available.

It’s More Than Just Hardware

It’s not just the hardware that employees use, but how the hardware integrates and the workflow that’s created. If a server goes down, it may impact everyone in your organization. If remote workers are unable to connect, it can stop work cold. If your IT specialists are away from the office, or on vacation, it can aggravate the situation.

Employees don’t want to have to think about how the technology works and how it works together. They just want it to work. The best designed IT infrastructure works seamlessly in the background. Employees barely know it exists.

IT Solutions

For businesses to run efficiently, company IT must be aligned, managed, and monitored. That’s why so many companies have turned to Managed IT services and strategic IT consulting to improve productivity.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT provides a host of benefits while managing (and often reducing) expenses:

  • A fully experienced IT staff with the latest skills
  • No hassle management of hardware and software
  • 24/7/365 support for employees
  • Fast response to tech issues
  • Maintenance, security, and data recovery
  • Solutions and documentation for compliance

Strategic IT Consulting

Most businesses built their current IT systems on the backbone of old technology. They may have upgraded equipment and replaced systems over time, but the majority have add-ons and workarounds that limit productivity. It can lead to an inefficient workflow and increased downtime when problems arise.

IT consulting can provide an expert independent and unbiased look at your equipment, integration, and systems across your organization. It can create a plan for advanced connectivity, file management, communications, workflow, training, security, business continuity, and compliance.

IT Teams Have a Big Job

Keep everything running smoothly and keep your workers happy. It sounds simple, but it’s a big job for your IT team to deliver consistently. This consistency is crucial to improve the employee experience and improve productivity.

It’s OK to ask for help. At ePC IT Solutions, we provide comprehensive IT solutions that are customized designed to address your business. Contact us for more information about our Managed IT Services and Strategic IT Consulting services.

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