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5 Ways to Bring Your Data Center Up to Date

Five ways that will allow you to keep your data center as modern as possible.

5 Steps to Modernize Your SDDC

Five ways that will allow you to keep your data center as modern as possible.

In reference to IT, data centers, and applications, things move very quickly. Sometimes, the rapid pace of advancement when it comes to upgrading your system can be overwhelming. Software-defined data centers can connect all aspects of your company's operations into one streamlined system. Even though the system will function on many levels, information is easily collected, stored, and retrieved by multiple individuals at one time. The advanced software programs are used for every type of operation.

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The SDDC Approach

The software-defined data center approach allows you to accomplish several goals. This type of approach will enable you to establish a stable, yet versatile hybrid cloud as well as a robust software-driven network that makes it easy for every department to work together. This means that individuals can access the information they need to complete projects and then relay that information to employees in other departments.

Creating a Hybrid Cloud

Software-defined data centers make it easy to connect to the "cloud" freeing up internal space. Sharing a public or semi-private cloud is cost-effective and with the right protocols in place, just as secure as if you had established a private cloud that would have been much more expensive to manage. Because much of the data is considered "burstable," storage is for a much shorter period. This means that public clouds are more advantageous for storing massive amounts of data that are only needed for a few days or weeks.

Automating the System and Orchestrating Operations Within the SDDC

Automation dramatically speeds up many of the processes your system uses. Automating applications so that they run on their own allows you to manage your company's IT operations much more efficiently. With many of your processes being fully automated, your IT department can also manage them more effectively. With software-defined data centers, full automation and configuration within your system allow for increased productivity and reliability on a variety of levels.

Modernizing Applications

With today's technological advancements, applications have a much shorter life cycle. DevOps will play a more prominent role as some applications are phased out. New ones have to be created that not only pick up where the old ones left off, but also be more efficient in terms of what they can do and how much time they take to complete the process. Modernizing applications will continue to make it easier to move data from one cloud to another without minimizing security. By using a "container" system, these applications make it easier for the information to be transferred as well as eliminating unnecessary apps and software that are no longer needed to complete the job.

Monitoring Your SDDC

It's essential for your IT staff to be able to see or track the data moving through your system in "real-time." This provides accurate and up to date information on storage as well as being able to compare how various components are functioning. This includes networking, individual transactions that are being performed through specific applications. The more complex your system becomes, the more visible it needs to be. Effective monitoring allows you to keep eyes on your system to determine when upgrades may be necessary. Monitoring your SDDC will enable you to determine when upgrades are needed so that it remains as up to date as possible.

In terms of modernization, keeping up with the industry is a must if you plan on being able to work efficiently. Your IT staff must be able to work within a software-defined data center that is continually being upgraded so that you can remain as productive as possible. Streamlining your IT system ensures that your company has what it needs to move forward continuously. In the San Francisco Bay area, ePC can assist you in keeping your company at the top of its game by providing you with a reliable software-defined approach for your data center.

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