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5 Worthy Data Analytics Investments for 2020

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Where Should You Spend Your Data Analytics Budget in 2020?

Contact EPC IT Solutions today for data analytics consultants and other professionals to enhance your IT capabilities.

In 2020, data analytics will continue its trend of disrupting business technologies. Together, business intelligence and analytics became the top priorities for small to large businesses in San Francisco and the entire United States. It’s not always easy to see what investments may yield real value. However, with the right guidance, you can select the fruitful IT investments that lead to productive results.

As your company transitions into the new decade, make data analytics part of your IT strategic planning for the most effective results. EPC IT Solutions offers strategic IT consulting services, and our consultants help IT and business leaders consider how data analytics can make their operations run more smoothly. We can also help you document a viable plan to present to finance and planning teams so you can get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

Gartner has identified key business analytics trends that IT leaders should focus on in the next few years.

1. What’s Happening with Augmented Data Analytics?

Augmented analytics automates the processes that provide the most helpful insights and changes in your business. This leads to better-informed decision-making and takes much less time than manual approaches. Augmented analytics improves insights and makes them available to every level of the business. In 2020, augmented analytics will become a dominant driver of IT spend on analytics and business intelligence efforts and machine learning and data science platforms.

2. How Will Augmented Data Management Change Your IT Efforts?

Organizations increasingly feel the pressure to also automate data management. It’s hard to find candidates with the right technical skills to process data, which seems to grow exponentially. This trend impacts all data management categories, such as master and metadata management, data integration, and database design.

With vendors and customers adding machine learning and AI to their interfaces, businesses have to catch up quickly or settle for declining market shares. EPC IT Solutions has data scientists familiar with a wide array of technologies. Let us help you find the right tools to help your organization stay agile and competitive.

3. What Advances Are in Store for NPL?

Google revolutionized the way everyday users interact with the internet. Natural Language Programming provides an intuitive way to query browsers and ask questions online. NLP also gives businesses an easier way to ask questions and receive more insightful answers.

Conversational analytics takes the concept of NLP a step further by enabling such questions to be posed and answered verbally rather than through text. The Gartner report predicts that, by 2021, NLP and conversational analytics will increase the adoption of business analytics from 35% to 50%.

4. What Are Graph Analytics?

Demand for graph processing and databases continues to grow. Programs such as Tableau allow report writers to pull in data from many different sources to create graphs and metrics that enable intuitive visual analysis. Graph analytics shows how places, people, and things relate to one another. Promising applications in 2020 include improved fraud detection, social network analysis and research of the complex human genome.

5. How Will Commercial AI and Machine Learning Evolve?

“Information systems management informs your overall operation, focusing on particular areas of responsibility. For example, if the company CEO calls and needs to know how much sales revenue has risen over the last four years, the sales manager should have that information at their fingertips. MIS consultants map out the critical data points and sources and offer recommendations on streamlining access to KPIs and other critical data,” according to a recent blog by EPC IT Solutions.

Nowhere is this truer than in putting commercial artificial intelligence and machine learning to work in your operations. Open-source platforms dominate in AI and ML and have led to smarter algorithms and agile development environments. Commercial vendors now supply connectors that interface with open source tools and offer enterprise-level features to businesses of all sizes that want to implement AI and ML solutions. Expanding the use of commercial AI and ML fast tracks the development of production models and drive real-time value.

Contact EPC IT Solutions today for data analytics consultants and other professionals to enhance your IT capabilities.

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