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5 Signs Your Bay Area IT Company Should Update Your Technology

Are you hurting your productivity, security and bottom line by sticking with long-overdue hardware? Your Bay Area IT company should help you manage the upgrade.

Here Are 5 Signs That Your Bay Area IT Company Should Help You Update Your Technology

You would think it would be obvious when your technology is too old to use anymore. But you’d be surprised how long people hang on to outdated technology – even when their Bay Area IT company advises otherwise.

Whether it’s your favorite smartphone with the cracked screen, or the work PC you’ve gotten used to using the past few years, all technology has a point at which it’s simply too old to use anymore.

While it may be frustrating to have to shell out for a new computer, it saves you from other problems and costs that come with using outdated technology.

Your Bay Area IT Company Should Be Managing Your IT Upgrades

You know it’s time to upgrade your hardware when…

1. It’s Putting You At Risk.

Old technology, at a certain point, reaches what is called “end of life”. That’s a rather dark term that technology companies use for when they’re no longer releasing patches and updates for the technology in questions.

Updates are important because they correct existing errors and mistakes in software, and patch potential flaws that could leave it vulnerable to security threats.

The older your hardware and software gets, the more vulnerable it will make you to cybercriminals.

2. It’s Too Expensive To Maintain.

The math is simple here. The older technology gets the more time you'll spend getting it fixed, and the more money you'll spend on those fixes. After whatever amount of time, you'll reach a tipping point where the sum of the repair costs will exceed the cost of replacing the hardware altogether.

3. It’s Outpaced By Current Versions.

While the mere existence of a newer OS or new model in the line-up doesn't mean you should automatically upgrade, it is an indication that you will have to do so sometime soon. When a newer version is released, it means the clock is running out on how long the providers will continue to support the version you're using.

4. It’s Slowing You Down.

You may be noticing that your competitors have far surpassed your capabilities and are able to provide clients with features and products that you are unable to offer. If you are finding it hard to keep up with your competitors, it might be time to consider how new technology can enhance the work you do.

5. Fixes Don’t Last Long.

The older technology gets, the more support it will need. That means paying more and more for support to come in and get it running again, the returns on which will quickly diminish.

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