Where Can I Find an IT Support Team that Will Be Attentive to My Company’s Technology Needs?

Businesses rely heavily on their technology assets to efficiently complete their workflow. Because their work processes are dependent upon a fully functional IT infrastructure, responsive IT support is a must. When things go wrong, business owners need to know that their request for help will be attended to in a timely manner.

EPC IT Solutions helps businesses to stand apart from the crowd. Our comprehensive approach to Managed IT Services provides our valued customers with an IT infrastructure that helps to streamline internal work processes to promote the ideal IT working environment.

Six Reasons Why Businesses Need Managed IT Services

  • Reduce technology costs
  • Improved business focus
  • Access to world-class technology assistance
  • More efficient workflow processes
  • Fewer security risks


How Can I Get More from My Business Technology?

The professional technicians of EPC IT Solutions provide our valued clients with the following IT support options to help them harness the power found within their internal IT and cloud assets.

  • Predictable, All-Inclusive, and Affordable Monthly IT Costs
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Measures
  • Scalable Services with No Minimum Monthly Commitment
  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Rapid Response Times to Employee Questions
  • Executive-Level IT advice


What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is an affordable alternative to employing an on-site technology specialist.
EPC IT Solutions provides you with comprehensive IT care, which includes proactive management, monitoring, and maintenance available at budget-friendly pricing. For a simple and predictable monthly payment, you gain access to a team of IT specialists who are dedicated to complete, continuous care of your on-site and cloud assets.

Does EPC IT Solutions Have the Expertise to Customize My Technology Assets for My Industry?

Every industry has a unique use for technology. We’ve taken the time to do a deep dive into the IT requirements of the following industries, and we support them with tailored IT services.

  • Public Sector – Cities and Municipal Government
  • Private Schools
  • Restaurant Franchises
  • IT companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution and Supermarkets
  • Small to Mid-Size Businesses