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Where Did EPC IT Solutions Come From?

EPC Solutions is a Bay Area IT Services company specializing in providing technology services for businesses throughout the Bay Area.

A Bay Area IT Services Company Offering Comprehensive IT Care Backed By Exceptional Service

The founders of EPC IT Solutions have always been at the forefront of IT care. Involved in every aspect of technology services and support from computer repair to data recovery, website builds and more – long before it became fashionable.

EPC IT Solutions has been helping businesses maximize their IT assets since 2001. With more than a decade and a half of experience, EPC IT Solutions has gained experience helping the small to mid-size business market employ strategic five-year plans to help them leverage their current IT environment and cloud technology.

Our philosophy and model allow us to evolve as business IT needs have evolve – setting the pace for business technology support in a highly competitive market.

EPC is a full-service IT Solutions provider comprised of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about making technology work for their clients. WE ARE I.T.

What Does EPC Stand For?

EPC is far more than just a name for a technology support company. This acronym represents the guiding principles, which govern our work practices and relationships with each of our valued customers.

These principles are:

  • Excellence

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment

What Does The EPC Logo Represent?

The puzzle piece in our logo is symbolic of the different services we provide and their ease of integration into each company’s infrastructure and the cloud.

Are You EPC IT Solutions’ Kind of Customer?

As a leading provider of Managed IT Services in the Greater San Francisco region, we love to work with people,x who understand the benefits a professional IT specialist can bring to their business. We are pleased to offer all of our customers comprehensive IT care, which includes our proactive, continuous support as well as executive-level IT consulting.

We intentionally work with people who are openminded when it comes to technology solutions for business problems.

What is EPC IT Solutions Known For?

Our reputation is built upon the following core values that sit at the heart of our business:

  • Respect and Humility: let each action define our character
  • Leadership: be confident to lead, be willing to be led
  • Passion: work hard, play hard, and be focused
  • Diversity: be inclusive and value different perspectives
  • Quality: deliver your best in everything you do, every day
  • Accountability: It starts with you!

What Makes EPC IT Solutions Unique?

EPC IT Solutions is a boutique firm specializing in bringing top-tier Managed IT Services to a variety of industries and the small to mid-size business market. Our approach to Managed IT Services focuses on taking the time to talk to you, so we fully understand your pain points, concerns, and business goals. Armed with this information, we are then empowered to craft and support the ideal IT environment to help you meet and exceed your operational objectives.

The expert technicians of EPC IT Solutions make IT easy for you by freeing you up from “red tape” ,which robs you of valuable time. Save time that could be devoted to the needs of your business. Our talented and personable staff ensure you feel like you are working with a team of trusted advisors who are more like family.

We take great pride in helping your business achieve an optimized IT environment that undergirds your success. Technology is our passion, and we enthusiastically offer you innovative IT solutions that solve challenging business problems.

Our goal is to provide the finest‑quality products and services to our clients and to do so more efficiently and economically than our competitors. By satisfying our clients’ needs, we ensure they will continue to do business with us and will recommend us to others.

EPC IT Solutions’ success is based on delivering high quality IT services and products with unsurpassed customer service.

Partner with us, and you will see that “We are IT.”

What Industries Does EPC IT Solutions Serve?

EPC IT Solutions’ staff comprise many years of experience working in some of the most technically complex industries today. This expertise has equipped us with the skills to provide IT solutions for a wide swath of industries. We’re confident that we can leverage your IT assets to help you meet and exceed your organizational objectives.

Among the industries we currently serve are:

  • Public sector/municipal government
  • Restaurants
  • IT Companies
  • Food Distribution and Supermarkets
  • Small to Mid-Size Business
  • Private Schools
  • Manufacturing

What Industry Recognitions Does EPC IT Solutions Have?

EPC IT Solutions has received many accolades from peers, vendors, and local organizations, giving you confidence that we are a company backed by a solid reputation.

Among the recognition we have achieved are:

  • CRN 500
  • Togo’s Eateries’ “2013 Most Valuable Supplier”
  • Certificate of Recognition for support and volunteer efforts awarded by the local fire department
  • SMB 500—Certificate of Recognition from Ingram Micro
  • Recipient of the 2017 Yelp Congratulations award
  • A strong supporter of annual Girl Scout Cookie Drives

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