No Downtime, Transparent Planning, Flawless Execution.

Your clients or customers don’t care if your office is going through a massive transition. All they care about is benefiting from your solution, while receiving top-notch technical support and customer service. Period. So when you’re faced with the somewhat daunting task of moving your network from one space to another, you’ve absolutely got to make unquestionably sure there isn’t a single hiccup in your operations.

Technology is your lifeline to running a successful, profitable business.

Nothing Can be Left to Chance.

Ideally, we always encourage companies to consult with us WAY ahead of moving day to evaluate and plan for a seamless transition. EPC will ascertain whether your new office space has the right cabling infrastructure and network capabilities to effortlessly sustain your current needs. Equally, we want to set up your new space to grow alongside your company – not impede your brand from taking the essential next steps in its evolution.

EPC will handle every aspect of your end-to-end moving strategy – so you’re out of your current space, on-schedule, while virtually guaranteeing you’re up and running in your new office, without incurring a single millisecond of potential, brand-degrading downtime.

We will:

  • Set up your new ISP or transition your current one (depending upon what’s available in your new location and what will provide you with the most bandwidth.)
  • Go through your new server room and guarantee everything is ideally configured for maximum efficiency, performance and maintenance.
  • Oversee that every piece of equipment is properly booted down and packed up.
  • Coordinate with your moving company and provide them with any special instructions, if necessary.
  • Work with the owners of the building (if you didn’t purchase it) to communicate any upgrades we need to implement.

We understand your deadlines and urgency. We will preplan, with you, to coordinate your move from the old building – into the new one, on-time (saving you downtime or avoidable expenses.)

Contact us to begin the relocation process. Like we said, the sooner you bring us on to blueprint your physical move, the more flawlessly we can execute it.