You Can Finally Leverage Technology to Position Your Bay Area Brand as the Authority in Your Market with EPC’s Custom-Designed Business IT Networks!

Your LAN/WAN is what connects you with your client or customer base. It goes without saying that the architecture of your network must be streamlined, integrated and intuitive to your company’s very specific needsEPC strategically works, with you, to determine the most effective network design for how you do business. We recognize and respect that you demand a network infrastructure that can effortlessly grow alongside your well-positioned brand.

Our in-depth, collaborative methodology always reveals exactly what your office needs to become the most productive, secure version of itself. Every aspect of your network design will work as one cohesive system – guaranteeing you’re always online and engaged with the people you’re in business to help.

EPC works on-site to meticulously blueprint and assemble your network from the ground – up.

Our leading edge Network Design & Implementation Services include:

  • Working together to determine exactly what your needs are and propose a network infrastructure that accomplishes them – within your specified budget.(EPC excels in creating flexible solutions that give your company everything it requires, without breaking the bank. Preparation and forward-thinking is essential to design YOUR ideal network.)
  • Installing all of your hardware & software. (We make sure everything is always configured perfectly and seamlessly working in-unison.)
  • Setting up your servers and virtual servers. (Every company knows that properly utilized servers are the backbone of your network. EPC works diligently to help you set up/configure your servers on-site and/or in The Cloud.)
  • Constructing an impenetrable perimeter security against viruses, malware, spyware and more. (You’re investing too much time and energy to watch your network be destroyed by cyber criminals. Likewise, we’ll ensure you’re up-to-date with all of the State and Federal regulations for keeping private data, safe.)
  • Establishing a backup disaster recovery plan that guarantees your business will be capable of withstanding ANY manmade or natural disaster. (Your business continuity must be meticulously blueprinted at every step of designing and building your network.)
  • Building your wireless network and connecting every piece of physical equipment you’ll need to always remain online. (While wireless networks make business infinitely easier, they can also be extremely prone to downtime. Our eye-to-detail will proactively make sure you’re able to remain in constant contact with your customer/client base, while keeping your loyal employees on-task.)
  • Installation of structure cable. (It’s not what you do, but how you do ITEPCalways checks and double checks that the nuts and bolts of your network are exactly where they need to be. Likewise, we work diligently to eliminate any potential bloat or excess that could eventually become the downfall of your wireless network.)
  • We offer so much more. Make sure to contact us with your specific wants, needs, desires and demands.

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to establish a solid, growth-minded network infrastructure to position your company as the leader in your industry. Work with the Bay Area Network Building AuthorityContact us to discuss how we can collaborate to realize your vision.