Prevent disasters from putting your company out of business.

Natural disasters, electric surges, system failures or even human error could bring your business down and make it impossible to operate. You would lose customers, sales, valuable data and much more.

Minimize downtime and recover quickly from disasters.

Don’t be one of the 43 percent of businesses that never reopen after a major loss of computer records. Let EPC lay out all the options for protecting your company with a rock-solid disaster recovery plan customized to your business. Your plan will include:

  • Monitored Data Backup Services that record complete and up-to-date snapshots of your entire computer network in the background while you are working
  • Data Recovery Services that can quickly restore your complete network — exactly as it was
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions that store copies of your valuable business data in redundant local and remote off-site storage so it’s never lost
  • Prevention Routines that save you thousands of dollars in recovery fees and guarantee your business data is safe, protected and readily recovered

Get prepared.

You never know when disasters or data loss can occur. Let EPC help you implement your data backup and recovery plan now.

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