Data Center

Rely on the experts at EPC IT Solutions to build and maintain your datacenter infrastructure.

Your data and the systems you use to access it are at the heart of your business. Making sure the data is easily accessible and safe can be a huge challenge.

There’s no reason you or your IT staff need to be burdened with this task. Here’s how we do it.

  • Apply our extensive expertise with servers, storage, virtualization and security to ensure that your data center is a functioning component in your organization
  • Save you money by providing scalable and cost-effective solutions and services so you avoid unexpected and recurring capital expenses
  • Partner with key manufacturers, including Cisco, NetApp, VMWare and many others, to provide a pre-validated datacenter architecture like ExpressPod and FlexPod.
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring services to catch problems before they cause your business even one minute of downtime
  • Use virtualization to reduce the costs of hardware and maintenance
  • Ensure around-the-clock support from your assigned team of three
  • Be a fully technology-agnostic organization that designs, builds and operates your data center with the technology that best meets your goals
  • Make the architecture scalable to accommodate your company’s ability to grow

Discover the advantages of EPC Data Center services now.

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