Forget About Going to the Closest Big Box Store

Who you shop with to get the most out of your computer is just as important, if not more critical than the equipment you purchase. EPC is chock full of knowledgeable experts who live and breathe technology. Our friendly, no-nonsense staff will carefully listen to your goals and recommend the very best options to make certain that your needs, wants and desires become a reality (at least when it comes to your computer!)
Remember when:

  • You were able to go into the local tech store and get all of the answers you needed?
  • You had complete confidence that the technological information you were given was always 100% legit and correct?
  • You walked away from the tech store feeling more aware, knowledgeable… and even had a sense of empowerment?

It was a long time ago – so if you don’t remember, we can’t say we blame you!

That being said, we pride ourselves in giving the old-school, personalized service of days gone by. Our sales perspective is that if we can truly help make sure you walk away with exactly what you need, we’ll make it happen. However, we also want to guarantee you understand why your purchase is the best choice and provide you with the insights that make you feel good about spending your money with us.

Trust us, that’s not something you’ll get at Best Buy or Walmart.

Stop in any time at our Belmont location. Be sure to call ahead and make sure we have what you’re looking for.