Hope is NOT Lost

Okay, so you just realized that your valuable files or information might be lost, forever. You’re feeling vulnerable, angry and confused about what options are available to you. Stop thinking! That very second your computer crashes is absolutely criticalIF you’re going to recover everything you want, need or can’t live without.

You do have choices … and your files most likely haven’t fallen into some virus-created, short-circuit-abyss.

Now that You’re Faced with the Unthinkable… What’s Your Action Plan?

No, beating yourself up for failing to take the preventative steps you knew you should have taken, but never got around to completing isn’t the way to go. You need to get your computer in OUR HANDS as soon as humanly possible. EPC’s comprehensive and proprietary methodology for recovering your data is unmatched in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We don’t just view your emergency as another gig; not at all. We make creating an immediate reprieve to your upset our unconditional priority. Our passion for helping you feel empowered when you lose critical and emotionally-attached data is the driving force behind our incessant desire to produce spectacular; even miraculous results, for you.

If you’re experiencing the fright of irreversible data loss, you’ve got to get your computer to us ASAP. Don’t try to do anything yourself and potentially exacerbate the problem or make it even more difficult to create a happy ending to your crisis.

Contact us immediately or drop your computer off to us today. And if we absolutely can’t recover your data (including your documents, pictures, music, videos and more,) we won’t charge you a single penny!