data backup

Safeguard Your Personal & Professional Information with the Bay Area IT Authority… and ensure you never have to deal with the devastation of data loss

Your entire life is on your computer. If you aren’t painstakingly making sure that everything you prize and need is properly backed up, you stand to lose everything.

We understand nobody expects their computer to go down. However, that’s NOT an excuse. The truth is Cloud-based Technology has made it so incredibly effortless to guarantee you NEVER lose any of the files, documents, pictures, contacts, videos, presentations, etc. that you need, want and treasure.

Remote storage is the same managed service that companies throughout the Bay Area, big and small, use EPC to safeguard their critical data. And while you may not have 75 people working for you, protecting your data is just as important.

Wouldn’t it feel demoralizing to lose the stuff you value because you didn’t take the undemanding steps for being abundantly guarded from circumstances like power surges, theft, natural disasters, viruses… or simply dropping your computer?

Be Prepared for the Worst – So You Don’t Ever Have to Worry About Your Irreplaceable Files Being Lost, Forever

EPC will back up your data onto the cutting edge servers at our Belmont location. We’ll also set up your computer so that your files continue to get backed up, via The Cloud, giving you the much desired presence of mind to know you’re prepared for the worst.

Contact us to embrace the latest Cloud technology and affordably preserve your personal and professional data – while preventing any potential disasters from ever taking place.