Boost productivity while dramatically cutting costs.

Let EPC ensure you’re receiving the added benefits of server and desktop virtualization. This environment separates software from hardware and can dramatically reduce your equipment and support costs.

Virtualize your servers to get 10x more productivity out of every one.

  • Cut the capital expense of buying and replacing servers — put the equivalent of five servers onto a single server
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance with fewer servers to free up space and resources
  • Increase network availability and reduce downtime

Virtualize your desktops to eliminate hands-on management of desktop and laptop computers.

  • Centralize control and management of existing desktop and laptop computers and their applications
  • End the need for hands-on management of multiple versions of operating systems and applications in individual devices
  • Save money by providing lower-cost client devices to replace costly fully loaded PCs

Turn to EPC IT Solutions to help you invest in virtualization.

Your EPC team knows how to carefully plan your virtualization implementation so your company experiences minimal business interruption — if any. Using solutions from VMWare® or Citrix®, EPC ensures that you achieve reliability, performance and uptime that is second to none.

Contact the pros at EPC to support your company’s growth and agility with virtualization.

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