web filtering

Protect Your Brand from Web-Borne Threats that Debilitate Your Ability to Generate Profits

Taking the initiative to control what websites your users can access will have a profound affect in proactively protecting your network. With EPC’s help, you can block specific websites, content categories or file types – ensuring your technology is safe from viruses, malware and other harmful threats to your company’s productivity.

  • Easily enforce your company’s policies and prevent any possible misuse.
  • Protect your bandwidth by preventing unapproved files from being download.
  • Ensure that all of the websites your users access are scanned and monitored for any potential threats.

Imagine every website your user tries to access has to pass through the allow/disallow database we install for your front line protection. Can you vividly see how this one simple solution will save you from countless hours of frustration and downtime? Likewise, we will ensure that employees are focusing on the job you pay them for, rather than updating their status on Facebook during company time.

With EPC’s URL Filtering & Security Service, you are guaranteeing your users will never invite unnecessary harm into your network, while promoting an even greater degree of focus & productivity.

EPC will manage your URL filtering and security from our headquarters here in the Bay Area via The Cloud. The result? You’ll have that added peace of mind to know that your users aren’t able to ever infect your network (purposely or inadvertently) when you’ve taken the steps to streamline their surfing ability.

At the end of the day, the Internet is a tool. And it’s your job to determine the very best way for this tool to work hard to build your company’s bottom line… without damaging your invaluable network.
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