Preventing Catastrophic Problems Before They Ever Exist; That’s the Power of Remote Backup

Guaranteeing all of your vital information is securely backed up, off-site, in The Cloud, with the highest form of encryption protection is of enormous consequence to your brand. In the untimely event that your network data is lost, on-site, you will have immediate access to YOUR files from anywhere in the world. We’re talking about the kind of backup protection that literally saves companies.

What if all of your network data was wiped out, RIGHT NOW? What would your company do? Could you survive? Or would the blow be too much for your company to handle? Fortunately, that’s never going to be something you need to worry about.

EPC’s remote backup utilizes top-of-the-line, cutting edge technology to store your essential network data. Whether your physical machinery breaks or your office is devastated by a natural disaster, you can be up and running within hours, instead of days or weeks, with our managed remote backup support. We give you the much needed peace of mind you’re looking for to ensure that the future profitability of your company is absolutely safe and secure.

An Easily Implemented Data Recovery Strategy is Indispensable for Every Company that’s Absolutely Determined to Stand the Test of Time

Everything from your accounting to your branded, proprietary information to your application data can be effortlessly accessed, no matter where you are, to guarantee you’re always in business.

EPC’s Cloud-based remote backup service is also another BIG step towards securely and powerfully virtualizing your office IT – so you can work from anywhere, anytime.

Contact us to discuss the path of least resistance for getting your network data protected by our unrivaled off-site infrastructure. And of course, feel free to browse our industry-leading, comprehensive We Are IT Plans and choose the one that’s right for you.