Watch time-sapping spam and unsafe emails disappear from your network.

Sifting through endless amounts of spam to find the emails necessary to your business is an unproductive task that saps valuable work time out of every day. Yet, properly managing and fine-tuning spam filters is even more time-consuming.

Let EPC take these tedious tasks off your plate.

Network management services from EPC include advanced cloud-based email management that filters out spam and viruses and keeps them off your PCs and mobile devices.

You get all the spam tools and capabilities you need to maximize email-related productivity and security.

  • Block unwanted mail, including spam, viruses, directory harvesting and denial of service (DoS) attacks as well as identifying phishing
  • Give users the information they need to judge which emails are legitimate and which are not
  • Preserve the long-term integrity of users’ email addresses
  • Eliminate the need to invest in hardware or software — all services are provided in the cloud
  • Retain control over email policies and the ability to edit white lists and block lists

Put EPC on the job to boost productivity and keep your network safe.

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