EPC Services Approach

Receive your own assigned, dedicated team.

The most lucrative San Francisco Bay Area businesses aren’t profitable by accident. They come into prominence by collaborating with experts to ensure that all aspects of their business operation contribute to their success.

Partnering with EPC IT Solutions guarantees collaboration with a team that understands the vital importance your IT systems play in that success. Our approach is designed to deliver these benefits:

  • Cover all existing and potential technology issues
  • Prevent IT problems that inhibit current efficiency and future evolution
  • Take a comprehensive view of your operation so that all solutions and recommendations fit your specific needs.

Support your technology needs with your own EPC team.

When you partner with EPC to handle your IT needs or to support your in-house IT team, there is nothing random about how that support is delivered.

As a valued EPC customer, you are assigned three experienced and dedicated team members who provide your assessments, planning, implementation, support and emergency services. Your team consists of the following:

  1. Account Manager — Your account manager is the point person to synchronize response to your on-site and remote support requests and to facilitate the most effective resolution.

  2. Primary Onsite Engineer — Your dedicated engineer handles or directs all on-site repairs, implementations, upgrades and other services requiring hands-on attention. This is your visionary expert who provides proactive insight and recommendations on helping improve how your technology supports and protects your organization.

  3. Backend Technical Engineer — Your remote engineer intimately knows and understands the nuances of your IT network and is available to resolve most technical issues when they happen via the cloud.