Your technology should support your educational efforts, not interfere with them.

EPC IT Solutions is a highly experienced local IT service provider, certified with a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), ready to keep your backend technology and classroom applications and systems running smoothly as well as the conversion from textbooks to digital.

With EPC as your IT resource, you can:

  • Work with pros that have a thorough understanding of education-related needs and challenges with K-12 and higher education institutions
  • Submit bid responses under the E-rate Program
  • Procure services without a bid
  • Access local technicians who come to your campus to provide support
  • Experience a fast response and maximum system uptime
  • Rely on EPC’s understanding of digital legislation, the infrastructure needed to support the transition, as well as concerns in relation to educational funding, parcel taxes and bonding concerns

Fully leverage your technology to support your educational efforts.

Contact EPC’s team of pros today at (650) 592-4372.